Altura 855 – FEI


Applications of FIB-SEM: 

    • Using the FIB, cut the sample, then use the SEM to locate and image any defect
    • Cut a thin slice (30-50 nm), then lift it out, then image it using TEM/STEM with EDS/EELS to measure the chemistry

Altura 855 FIB-SEM - Nanolab Technologies 


The Altura 855 FIB-SEM provides the ultimate tools for defect characterization, failure analysis, and TEM sample preparation on patterned and unpatterned wafers, as well as piece parts. Advanced software automation enables automated TEM sample preparation and high throughput ion milling, all designed to increase productivity and provide rapid feedback to the manufacturing process.


Announced: July 26, 2017
Boosts Instrument Capacity to Become World's Largest Independent Microscopy Lab
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Announced: August 25, 2015
Nanolab Technologies LEAPS Forward with High-Performance Analysis Services
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