Nanolab Technologies First in the World to Offer Scan-based Device Analysis Services Utilizing Teseda DI Lab System™

Nanolab Orders DI Lab System™ from Teseda Corporation as Foundation for Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) Services

Milpitas, CA, March 9, 2017
        Nanolab Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased a new DI Lab System™ from Teseda Corporation.  The portable high-performance scan-based device stimulus and defect isolation system from Teseda, is used to provide dynamic device stimulus when interfacing with tools that perform Photon emission, Laser timing Probe, Frequency Mapping, Soft Defect Localization, Lock in Thermography and other standard Laser stimulation techniques.
Nanolab Technologies Continues Lab Expansion with New XPS System with Argon Ion Clusters for Chemical State Depth Profiling

Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab’s advanced Surface Chemical Analysis Center of Excellence expands to provide accurate and reliable understanding of ion-sensitive materials

Milpitas, CA, July 8, 2014 
        At SEMICON West in San Francisco, Nanolab Technologies announced that it has purchased a new XPS analytical system in their Surface Chemical Analysis Center of Excellence that continues their rapid growth path. Last week Nanolab Technologies announced the acquisition of Microtech Laboratories, a failure analysis lab located in Texas..


Nanolab Technologies to Exhibit This Summer at IIT in Portland and SEMICON West in San Francisco

Milpitas, CA, June 18, 2014 
         Nanolab Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, will be an exhibitor at this year’s IIT 2014 Conference in Portland, Oregon from June 30th through July 3rd. The conference will cover a wide range of topics on ion implantation technology and thermal processing for semiconductor devices and materials including junction, contact, material modification, process modeling, and novel metrology methods.


Fourth Expansion This Year - Nanolab Technologies Adds New Defect Detection and Analysis Tools

Milpitas, CA, June 5, 2014 
         Nanolab Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased and installed new defect detection tools to its 48,000 square foot advanced laboratory, its fourth announced capacity expansion this year. Nanolab recently added the following equipment: FEI Helios 460HP DualBeam FIB-SEM, FEI Helios 450HP DualBeam FIB-SEM and Magellan XHR SEM


Nanolab Technologies Acquires New Failure Analysis Tools for Silicon Valley Analytical Lab

Milpitas, CA, April 30, 2014 
         Nanolab Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased and installed new nanoprobing and thermography-based electrical fault isolation tools to boost its failure analysis capabilities.


Nanolab Technologies Expands Services with New Analytical and Surface Measurement Tools

Demand for analytical services propels Silicon Valley-based company to implement continuous operations

Milpitas, CA, March 27, 2014 
          As its business increases, Nanolab Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased and installed new tools and moved to a seven-day workweek. Both DSIMS and profilometer instruments were added to the 48,000 square foot advanced laboratory. To keep up with the demand for quick turnaround services, the company has moved to a continuous operations service model for uninterrupted delivery of critical work.


Nanolab Technologies Inc. Accelerates Growth by Acquiring FIB Lab, Inc.

Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab's advanced FIB Edit Center nears completion; also announces plans to build a new Failure Analysis (FA) center of excellence in Orange County, CA

Milpitas, CA, July 31, 2013 
          Nanolab Technologies, Inc. has acquired FIB Lab, Inc., a well-established Silicon Valley analytical lab founded in 1992 that supplies Focused Ion Bean (FIB) Edit services to the semiconductor industry. The acquisition continues the growth path set by Nanolab, which opened its new state-of-the-art analytical services laboratory in Silicon Valley in 2011, a second lab operation at the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in Albany, NY in 2011 and has plans for a new Failure Analysis (FA) Center of Excellence to be located in Orange County, CA.



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