Vion™ Plasma FIB – FEI


Applications of Plasma FIB

    • Using the high speed plasma FIB, expose multiple TSVs
    • Modify existing live device to correct for design error
    • Failure analysis of bumps, wire bonds and stacked die
    • Surgically remove package and material to enable failure analysis and fault isolation on a buried die
    • Monitor processes and process development at package level
    • Defect analysis of packaged parts and MEMS devices


Vion™ Plasma FIB – FEI 


Plasma FIB Source Provides High-Speed Cutting

The Vion™ plasma FIB (P-FIB) is an instrument capable of highly precise high-speed cutting and milling. It has the ability to selectively mill areas of interest. In addition, the P-FIB can selectively deposit patterned conductors and insulators.

By combining high-speed milling with precise control, the system can be used in several ways for manufacturing of IC’s, such as:

Plasma FIB  - For High-Speed Cutting 


Plasma FIB Source - For Manufacturing ICs 


The Vion™ plasma FIB  


The Vion™ plasma FIB  - for IC Manufacturing 


The Vion™ plasma FIB  - 300 micrometer in material diameter 


The Vion™ plasma FIB - Material Analysis 


The Vion™ plasma FIB handles material in nano scale 


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