Analytical Imaging


Analytical Imaging is based on microscopy, an advanced field of imaging, that uses sophisticated microscopes to produce images of products, samples and objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Such images can be from different depths of the sample or product, and produce high spatial resolution images of the physical structure.

Depths of Imaging Information

    • Surface structures & defects
    • Sub-surface structures & defects
    • Intact bulk structures & defects
    • Atomic or Nano-scale structures & defects

Analytical Imaging Service - Nanolab Technologies 

Nano-scale Structures & Defects - Analytical Imaging, Nanolab 

These techniques can use:  visible light, infrared light, X-ray light, electrons, metal ions, gaseous ions or sound waves to produce high spatial resolution images of:

Analytical Imaging Techniques

Ultra High Resolution - SEM (Nanolab Technologies) 


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Analytical imaging looks at a surfaces or bulk structures using:  optical, electron, ion, sound or X-rays with high spatial resolution.

Fundamental Probes that produce images:

  • Electron beam techniques:  SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, STEM
  • Ion beam techniques:  FIB-SEM
  • X-ray techniques: 2D X-ray Imaging & 3D X-ray Tomography
  • Sound wave techniques:  C-mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopy

All of these methods provide high spatial resolution images that show the relative positions physical features, defects, particles, etc.


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