Chemical & Element Maps


Chemical and elemental mapping are methods that use advanced element or chemical analysis tools that directly characterize the chemical or elemental content of a surface, near-surface, bulk or exposed interior of a sample or product.

Chemical states, molecular species and elements cannot be seen by the human eye or imaging microscope tools that use light, electrons or ions.

Spectra Reconstruction - Nanolab Technologies 

XPS Chemical State Map - Hydrocarbon 

XPS Chemical State Map  -  Hydrocarbon vs Fluorocarbon

Element Map - Cr, Al, Si, Fe, and Zr using EDS on SEM 
Element Map for Cr, Al, Si, Fe and Zr using EDS on SEM

Element Map and Line Profile Scan - Nanolab 

Element Map and Line Profile Scan for Si and Al using EDS on SEM

The lateral distribution (homogeneity) of chemical states, elemental, inorganic, molecular species can be revealed by using:

    • Electrons (in eV) emitted & mapped by XPS
    • Infrared light emitted & mapped by FT-IR Spectroscopy
    • Laser light emitted & mapped by Raman Spectroscopy
    • X-rays emitted & mapped by EDS attached to SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, STEM

Chemical, molecular and element mapping methods provide maps (images) that reveal the relative positions of different elements, chemical states or chemical species of interest.

Techniques for Chemical and Element Mapping:

Top Surface for Chemistry or Elements  (1-12 nm)


Near-Surface for Elements  (0.5-3.0 µ)


Elements at the Atomic or Nano-Scale – After Exposing


Bulk Region for Chemical Compound or Molecular Species


FT - IR -- Nanolab Technologies 


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