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     Contamination Analysis
     Depth Profiling
     Dopant Profiling
     Bonding - Adhesion
     Counterfeit Analysis
     Defect Analysis
     Failure Analysis
     Materials Characterization
     PPM PPB PPT - Trace Elements
     QC / QA
     Surface Chemical Analysis
     Bulk Chemical Analysis
     300 mm Wafers
     Analytical Imaging



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     2D X-ray
     3D X-ray
     Circuit-Edit FIB
     LA ICP-MS

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Nanolab Technologies
HeadquartersMilpitas CA


Customer Service & Production Control


For Quotations, Job Scheduling Information and/or to request Sales, Applications Engineering Support or other information please contact the Customer service and Production Control Team.


Phone:  408-433-3320  Ext. "0"  and ask to be connected to a Customer Service Representative.

Street Address

1708 McCarthy Blvd. 

Milpitas, CA 95035 

Phone: 408-433-3320 

Fax: 408-433-3321