Removing the Lid from a Device/Package

Using wet chemistry, a laser beam or diamond mill for precavitation the die and/or components are exposed (de-capped) to allow inspection. Applications of decapsulation (decap) include preparation for latch-up failure testing, visual inspection of die, bond wire checks, sample re-work, component verification,  good versus bad check using various analytical tools (SEMEDSFIB-SEMXPS).  More applications are available upon request.

Global uses of decapulation include quality controlproblem solvingfailure analysis, design debug, production controlmaterials development, and reverse engineering.

Strengths and Advantages of decapsulation include:

    • Expose die keeping device electrically intact
    • Expose whole die or just sections
    • Apply to devices with copper or gold wires
    • Clean die for inspection or removal
    • Precavitation allows thick encapsulant to be safely decapped

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