Image the surface topology of any solid material with very high spatial resolution


Ultra-High Resolution - FE SEM - Nanolab Technologies 


UHR-SEM in a Nano-Nutshell 

  • Quality Control
  • Problem Solving
  • Failure Analysis
  • Production Control
  • Material Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Particle Analysis
  • Contamination
  • Thickness of Films
  • Delamination (peeling)
  • Complete unknown
  • Good versus Bad
  • A versus B
  • Element composition
  • Multi-point QC
  • Powders, Fibers
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Instrument Specifications - Nano SEM 

Instrument Specifications

Image Performance Results using Gold Crystals 

Image Performance Results using Gold Crystals

Image Performance Results using Gold Crystals 

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A SEM is a type of electron microscope that images a sample by scanning it with a beam of electrons in a raster scan pattern. The electrons interact with the atoms that make up the sample producing signals that contain information about the sample’s surface typography, composition, and other properties such as electrical conductivity.

Strengths and Advantages of FE-SEM/E-SEM:

    • 0.8 nm at 30 kV
    • 1.4 nm at 1 kV
    • Beam landing energy: 50 V- 30 kV
    • In-lens SE and BSE detectors
    • EDS for elemental analysis

Routine Imaging and Analyses:

    • Complete unknown – chemistry and thickness
    • Particles, defects, fibers, and nano-contamination
    • Elemental composition by EDS
    • Low vacuum, low voltage
    • Insulators, semiconductors or conductors

Advanced Imaging and Analyses:
    • Surface uniformity of elements
    • Quality control
    • Viscous liquids, greases, fibers, and nano-particle

Nano Wires 

Nano-Wires (ZrO2)

Element Map Using EDS 
Element Map using EDS

Medicine Tablet Magnified - FE-SEM - Nanolab Technologies 

 Medicine Tablet  

Survey Scan For Elements using EDS 
  Survey Scan For Elements using EDS

Survey Scan For Elements using EDS by Nanolab Technologies 


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