Non-Destructive Imaging


X-rays are used to image devices, boards and medical devices, non-destructively, with 0.5-2.0µ spatial resolution

RTX cartoon and nutshell 


2D & 3D X-ray Imaging use X-rays that pass through a sample and measure the intensity of the X-rays that have passed through the sample. This provides an image, which is a gray scale density map of the sample (the more dense materials absorb more X-rays and are darker). This method of physical failure analysis allows the intact direct inspection of wires, traces, solder and other objects inside the device in a non-destructive fashion.

3D X-Ray Image of a Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) 


Strengths / Advantages

    • Fast (<5 minutes)
    • Non-Destructive
    • Spatial Resolution:0.2µ
    • Locate Defects inside Unit
      Check Layout As-Is
    • Multiple Angle Viewing

Data Produced

    • X-ray Images
    • Gray Scale Density Map of X-rays
    • Dimensional Sizing
    • Need special data-give us a call.

Global Uses

    • Prototype Evaluation
      Customer Returns
      Reliability Rejects
    • Production Control
    • Materials Development
    • Quality Control
    • Problem Solving
    • Failure Analysis
    • Reverse Engineering


    • Internal Dimensioning
    • Good versus Bad
    • A versus B
    • Locating Opens
    • Locating Shorts

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C-mode SAM is another non-destructive imaging tool. Please review that page to learn more about C-SAM.


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