Thick Film Characterization


Thick Film Characterization is a common application at Nanolab Technologies. Thick film characterizations require either cross-sectioning with chemical analysis or ion beam milling systems that are >10X faster than those used for thin film characterization because the final depth of analysis can be many microns deep into the sample.


Thick Film Characterization - Example on Surface Profile 


Films Analyzed

Sample Types

    • Metal coatings
    • Protective coatings
    • Mirror films
    • Others

Analyses Provided

    • Depth profiling, line profiling and XY mapping
    • Elemental analysis

Analytical Techniques Used

    • Glow discharge – mass spectroscopy (GD-MS)
    • SEM-EDS
    • TEM-EDS  cross-sectioning
    • X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

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Intensity-Time Curve; Quantified Concentration-Depth Curves 


Thick Film Characterization - Analytical Techniques, Nanolab 


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