Nanolab Technologies First in the World to Offer Scan-based Device Analysis Services Utilizing Tesed


Nanolab Orders DI Lab System™ from Teseda Corporation as Foundation for Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA) Services

Milpitas, CA, March 9, 2017 – Nanolab Technologies Inc., a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased a new DI Lab System™ from Teseda Corporation. The portable high-performance scan-based device stimulus and defect isolation system from Teseda, is used to provide dynamic device stimulus when interfacing with tools that perform Photon emission, Laser timing Probe, Frequency Mapping, Soft Defect Localization, Lock in Thermography and other standard Laser stimulation techniques. System software tools provide the user with a flexible, interactive user environment to quickly map failing scan cells against the physical design to localize and isolate defects in hours, as opposed to days, weeks, or even months, making it ideal for a service environment. 
The use of scan structures in semiconductor devices as a means for diagnosis and test, has been commonly used for years. However, Teseda is the only producer of a benchtop scan-based diagnostic tester that combines tremendous user flexibility when running the exact same test program as the production ATE, in diagnosing scan failures that only the most high-end ATE can match. The difference is the focus on diagnosis versus production test, considerably lowering system size and cost. The system software, Teseda WorkBench™, works hand in hand with the patented Defect Isolator™ software algorithms to provide the user with the ability to overlay the scan pattern analysis results with the physical scan shift operation analysis, leading directly to root cause.
“Teseda is very excited to partner with Nanolab Technologies, the leader in scan-based diagnostic electrical failure analysis services. The Teseda-centered EFA services at Nanolab have already been launched and Nanolab customers are experiencing the benefits of isolating defects that have eluded them for months when trying to apply all other analysis techniques”, said Greg Van Ess, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing at Teseda.
“This successful collaboration illustrates our commitment to investment in creating cost effective solutions for our customers” stated John P. Traub, Nanolab Technologies Inc. President and CEO. “Teseda is aligned with Nanolab’s vision of leveraging the capabilities and resources of its partners to solve problems through innovative solutions. These initiatives create tangible value for our customers. We are proud of the outcomes that have been accomplished through our combined commitment and look forward to further collaboration of our capable teams.”
About Nanolab Technologies
Nanolab Technologies provides knowledge-based analytical services, including advanced microscopy, chemical analysis, electrical failure analysis, materials analysis, FIB circuit edit, and defect analysis to the semiconductor, solar, MEMS, LED, medical device and other high- technologies industries. A private, employee-owned company, Nanolab Technologies designed and occupies a 48,000-square-foot, advanced laboratory in California’s Silicon Valley that utilizes leading-edge, extreme high-spatial-resolution instruments to meet the requirements of current and future technology nodes. It has a second facility located at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at the University of Albany. For more information, visit
About Teseda Corporation
Teseda Corporation, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded in 2001. What makes Teseda’s solutions so unique is the combination of bench-top scan-based test hardware with powerful software tools to produce systems that can perform device analysis in ways that no other semiconductor equipment provider can, or does. From a portable, go anywhere system for Remote Customer Quality Engineers to quickly screen potential field returns, to a small and powerful Design and Product Engineering system for first silicon bring-up, to a fully equipped device analysis lab system for detailed physical root cause defect isolation, Teseda provides unique and critical technology for semiconductor device analysis. More information can be found at: 




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