Advanced Microscopy

Eurofins Nanolab Technologies offers its customers the most comprehensive advanced microscopy service solutions available.  Whether you are seeking to speed time-to-market, solve manufacturing problems or ensure regulatory compliance turn to Eurofins. We know how to bring the power of science to every phase of your product lifecycle.

Microscopy is the technical field that uses microscopes to magnify the viewing of samples and objects that cannot be seen with the unaided eye (objects that are not within the spatial resolution range of the normal eye). 

Optical and electron microscopy involves the diffraction, reflection or refraction of optical or electron beams interacting with the specimen, and the subsequent collection of the scattered light/electrons or another signal in order to create an image. This process may be carried out by wide-field irradiation of the sample (e.g. standard light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy) or by scanning of a fine beam over the sample (e.g. confocal laser scanning microscopy and scanning electron microscopy). 

advanced microscopy

The development of microscopy revolutionized biology and remains an essential technique in the life and physical sciences.

Technical Webinars

Learn how APT can obtain chemical distributions across grain boundaries, heterojunctions, thin films.

Learn how PED can be used for crystal grain orientation mapping and strain mapping in devices such as 7nm EUV.

Learn about various FIB-SEM methods for cross-section imaging failure analysis and TEM sample preparation.

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Please submit your advanced microscopy inquiry online, and we’ll route it to the right technical expert. We reply to most online inquiries within two hours if received between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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