Surface Analysis

Eurofins Nanolab Technologies offers its customers the most complete surface analysis solutions available.  Whether you are seeking to speed time-to-market, solve manufacturing problems or ensure regulatory compliance turn to Eurofins. We know how to bring the power of science to every phase of your product lifecycle.

Surface Chemical Analysis of the top 1-20 monolayers (3-60 Å) of a surface correlates directly with surface wetting, biocompatibility, chemical reactivity, and adhesion. Plasma processing, wet treatments and gas treatments are routinely used to alter the near-surface chemistry of polymer films immediately prior to printing or adhesion steps. 

Organic silanes and thiol-monolayers are often applied from solution to modify the surface chemistry of glasses and metals.  The chemical nature of the resulting surface can often determine success or failure. Nanolab Technologies is well versed in the various factors that affect surface chemistry, and is able to help determine the best analytical approach to obtain the best results. Several surface chemical analytical techniques are available to analyze surface coverage, molecular orientation, functionalization and surface contamination.

Surface Analysis

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Learn how APT can obtain chemical distributions across grain boundaries, heterojunctions, and thin films.

Learn how analysis of Li-ion batteries materials are critical to understand their performance.

Learn about FIB-SEM methods for cross-section imaging failure analysis and TEM sample preparation.

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