Bundled Services

Services Bundled For Complex Analysis of Devices

It is often more cost-effective to use a series of test procedures rather than order a single discrete test that may produce only part of the answer you are seeking. Nanolab Technologies offers a broad range of tools and skills including Bundled Services, to help you achieve the results you need.

Our scientists and technicians are both experienced and skilled in evaluating problems and offering knowledge based suggestions on the best way to get your answers.  We highly recommend you discuss your problem, review your options to ensure the best results, and maximize the use of your time and money.

In order to help you with these choices, Nanolab Technologies has packaged several of the most frequently used customer requests into knowledge based solutions packages. Combining collaboration with our technical experts, this unique approach provides a starting point for you to customize a roadmap that provides the optimum solution for your problem.

Our goal is always to ensure you receive the most accurate and useful result using the most time, and cost-effective methodologies.

Bundled Services may include:  


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