C-SAM Imaging


Uses sound waves in the MHz range to image devices non-destructively with 1µ spatial resolution

C-SAM Imaging - Nanolab Technologies 

Sound waves in the MHz range are used to probe devices non-destructively. The images obtained by sound waves that are either reflected off interfaces in the device, or the sound travels all the way through the device. Together, these images allow delamination, cracking and voiding to be found.

The C-SAM at Nanolab is a semi-automated factory floor instrument capable of scanning boards and samples up to 24”.  The C-SAM delivers robustness and accuracy and with very large area coverage capabilities.

C-SAM accommodates even the largest boards and permits acoustic micro imaging of components mounted on the board. During the initial scan, each component is inspected while the C-SAM learns the x-y coordinates of each. It also learns the z coordinate and, equally important, the specific internal depth to be scanned.

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Counterfeit ICs & ComponentsCounterfeit ICs & Components


  • Sanding mark & debris under coating
  • Acoustic properties

Recycle Damage

  • Delamination along leads
  • Reflow damage


  • Construction
  • Acoustic properties

For a flip chip, for example, the level of interest may be the die-to-underfill interface. For a conventional IC package or a BGA, the level of interest may be the die attach. The C-SAM software can even store gating information for two or more depths of interest per component.

Because not all components will have the exact same position from board-to-board, the C-SAM intelligently detects the x, y, and z coordinates and makes minor adjustments as needed, storing a detailed and highly accurate acoustic image of each component. It can also automatically analyze each image.

For example, if it detects a void in a die attach layer, software measures the area of the void as a percentage of the whole die attach area. This makes it much easier to comply with standards such as Mil-Std-883, Method 2030, and makes it easier to determine the level of significance of any single defect.

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