Electrical FA


Locate faults in circuits

Electrical FA - Locating Faults in Circuits 

Fault Isolation 

Fault isolation is a process for Failure Analysis laboratory to identify a defect & to determine its’ physical location.

Steps include, (a) electrical failure identification, (b) identifying whether fault is coming from the package (if not on a wafer),  or from the silicon, (c) sample preparation, and (d) fault isolation.

Determining the cause of a problem. Also known as “fault diagnosis,” the term may refer to hardware or software, but always deals with methods that can isolate the component, device or software module causing the error.

Fault isolation may be part of hardware design at the circuit level all the way up to the complete system. It is accomplished by building in test circuits and/or by dividing operations into multiple regions or components that can be monitored separately. After fault isolation is accomplished, parts can be replaced manually or automatically

selection of localization techniques 

Laser Simulation Techniques 

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Tools Routinely Used for Fault Isolation

Tools for Fault Isolation 

Tools for Fault Isolation 

Nanolab State-of-the-art De-cap System 

Multi-trace - Nanolab Technologies 

De-cap System - Nanolab 

Nanolab's State-of-the-Art TDR System 

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