Nanolab Technologies has an exceptional team of scientists, engineers, and technicians to support your needs for:  Advanced MicroscopySurface AnalysisCircuit EditElectrical Failure Analysis and Materials Characterization.

Well-educated, professionally trained, highly experienced, and exceptionally skilled, our knowledge based team is able to recommend and apply proven solutions to help solve your problems or provide customer directed testing and analysis using our industry leading instruments.

Nanolab Technologies - Analytical Service Company 

Nanolab Technologies’ number one goal is to ensure that you, our customers, receive timely, accurate, and useful information, utilizing the most optimum, cost effective, knowledge driven, problem solving methodologies that help you solve your problems.

Nanolab’s expertise is both broad and diverse. With years of higher education and 5 to 40 years of work experience in advanced analytical techniques, our analytical experts include Ph.D’s and chemists who are published authors of industry standard books, numerous technical articles, presenters at industry related conferences, and recipients of numerous industry and personal awards.

Our technical team is available to talk with you concerning your analytical needs, and provide an optimum, knowledge based solution to help you solve your problems. Contact us today and take advantage of our expertise and resources.

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