Characterizes the near surface (0.5-3.0 µ) elemental composition at any point or over any area of interest


Ultra High Resolution FE-SEM UHR-SEM by Nanolab Technologies 


EDS vs XPS – Depth of Information

EDS vs XPS - Nanolab Technologies 


    • Quality Control
    • Problem Solving
    • Failure Analysis
    • Production Control
    • Materials Development
    • Reverse Engineering


    • Particle analysis
    • Contamination
    • Thickness of films
    • Delamination (peeling)
    • Complete unknown
    • Good versus Bad
    • A versus B
    • Element composition
    • Multi-point QC
    • Powders, Fibers

EDS (EDX) Analysis provides elemental analysis of a sample inside a SEM, TEM or FIB. Our new AZtec from Oxford is a new and revolutionary materials characterisation system that  gathers accurate data at the micro- and nanoscales.

EDS (EDX) Analysis  

Launched in 2011, AZtec-Energy combines the latest generation of detector hardware, multi-tasking software, decades of EDS know-how and feedback from the world’s largest user community to create a platform that pushes back the boundaries of EDS analysis.


X-MaxN - EDS Analysis 



    • Productive count rates at low beam currents
    • Maximising EDS imaging performance and accuracy
    • No need to change imaging conditions for X-ray analysis
    • Significantly higher count rates at the same beam current
    • Shorter acquisition times
    • Better statistical confidence

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FE-SEM EDS - Nanolab 


SEM by Nanolab Technologies 

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