Images atomic and nano-scale features, measures electron diffraction and via EDS/EELS measures elemental composition of points, lines and maps in areas as small as 1-2 nm

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TEM  Cartoon & Nutshell


FE-TEM uses electrons that travel through an extremely thin sample to image that sample.  The images have very high spatial resolution on the order of a few Angstroms.

Crystallographic features may be observed within these very thin layers.  Our systems are fitted with EDS and EELS systems that allow elemental information to be gleaned from materials with low atomic numbers and high atomic numbers (Z).

Global uses of FE-TEM/STEM include materials developmentproblem solvingfailure analysisreverse engineering, and IP verification.

Strengths and Advantages:

    • Fast turn (2 day) TEM prep and imaging
    • 0.16 nm STEM resolution
    • 0.17 nm TEM point resolution
    • 11 Mega-pixel CCD camera
    • Electron diffraction
    • Analytical TEM with EDS and EELS
    • Advanced image processing

Routine Analyses:

    • High resolution FE-TEM/STEM imaging
    • STEM-EELS and STEM-EDS spectra imaging
    • Electron diffraction
    • Nano-beam electron diffraction
    • Tomographic tilting series
    • Energy-filtered TEM element mapping and imaging

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TEM 3010f_sheet


HAADF STEM- Z Contrast (LED MQW’s)

Technai TEM image -Carbon Nanotube

High Resolution STEM-Atomic Resoluton

High Resolution TEM (CMOS Gate Oxide)

High Resolution TEM-Stacking Faults











Tecnai TF-30

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