Lab Facilities

Nanolab Technologies Incorporated engaged a leading Architectural & Engineering Firm to develop a true state-of-the-art laboratory design to maximize the performance of leading-edge Extreme High Spatial Resolution instruments to meet the requirements of current and future technology nodes.

The result is a state-of-the-art laboratory with new technology for precision temperature control, vibration isolation, acoustical absorption, and an electrical system design that virtually eliminates electrical and magnetic irradiation (EMI) fields and environmental and mechanical influences.

The in-ceiling chiller based Radiant Cooling System was designed and built to achieve precise temperature control that eliminates lab temperature variations, and control and redirect air flow to prevent turbulence, thereby providing optimum tool performance.

The web based environmental control system allows remote reprogramming and control of individual laboratory rooms for preconditioning and stabilizing operating conditions prior to the arrival of our team members. This advanced capability is particularly valuable for responses to a customer emergency call late at night or on weekends.  Fast response to such needs are possible because all of our environmental systems are optimized not only for instrument performance, but also for minimum energy consumption and reduced operating costs.

The design of our laboratory was developed around a central facilities “spine” containing double wall construction and three layers of high efficiency acoustical absorption material. This Service Module is the central support core for each of our laboratories and contains ancillary support equipment as well as the essential gases and fluid control systems. All major mechanical systems are installed on an exterior isolated equipment pad.

The facility also addresses the need to continue to provide the latest state-of-the-art instruments to meet future customer requirements. Ample space is available to allow for future growth in instruments, analytical techniques, and analytical services.

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