Materials Evaluation

Evaluation of Materials used in the fab and production lines is key to knowing what does and does not cause contamination of a production line. Nanolab Technologies  has the expertise to determine levels of cleanliness and whether a material or component will introduce contamination.

Sample Types for Evaluation

Parts that are potential sources of contamination

    • Wafer carriers/shippers/FOUPs/clams
    • Brass valves
    • Filters and components
    • Piping material
    • Tubing or hoses
    • Wipes, rollers and brushes
    • Gloves
    • Wet bench material (vapors of acids, bases)
    • De-Ionized water systems
    • HEPA/ULPA filters


    • Water extraction
    • Acid extraction
    • Solvent extraction
    • Direct surface analysis

Analytical Tools to Analyze the Materials


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