Quantum EELS – Gatan

Applications:   Elemental analysis using points, line profiles or maps at atomic scale resolution

The GIF Quantum® series represents Gatan’s 4th and most advanced generation of post-column energy filters. Redesigned from the ground up, the GIF Quantum® combines advanced dodecapole-based electron optics with a blazing fast CCD camera system to yield an imaging filter that defines the new state-of-the-art in the capture of both highly detailed EELS and EFTEM data sets with maximum throughput.

Quantum EELS - Gatan - Post-Column Energy Fliter by Nanolab
GIF Quantum™


Advanced options such as a 1 µs electrostatic shutter, a 10x faster camera, a 2 keV fast spectrum offset module, and DualEELS™ hardware and software, allow each Quantum model to be tailored to the applications at hand.

Performance highlights 

GIF Quantum® Series  Improvement over GIF Tridiem®
60 kV minimum operating voltage 20 kV lower
0.75% maximum image distortion 2x lower
2 keV fast spectrum offset 2x larger
2 keV spectroscopy field of view 2x larger
30 fps (512 x 512) preview 6x faster
5 mm aperture for routine EELS 6¼x higher collection efficiency
2.5 mm aperture for high resolution EELS 6¼x higher collection efficiency
1,000 spectra per second 30x faster
1 µs electrostatic shutter 50,000x faster

Key features and specifications


  • Large, 9 mm aperture for EFTEM imaging and mapping:  36 µm, diagonal
  • Large, 9 mm aperture for energy-filtered diffraction:  150 mRad, full azimuth
  • Large, 5 mm spectroscopy aperture for EELS:   6¼x larger than the GIF Tridiem®
  • Large energy range EELS:  2048 eV field-of-view in a single spectrum

  Detector System

  • Automated exposure control over 8 orders of magnitude (100 s down to 1 µs) allowing the acquisition of images, maps and spectra with unparalleled dynamic range and ease of use.
  • 1 MHz 4-port readout for high-quality, full-frame imaging:
    16-bit 2048×2048 at 1.25 sec/frame.
  • Dual-speed readout for fast, full frame image acquisition:
    512×512 at 30 frames/sec (US patent 5946033).
  • Cinema mode readout for high-duty cycle, real-time viewing:
    512×256 > 45 frames/sec (US patent 7157720).
  • Pipeline spectrum readout for STEM spectrum imaging:
    1000 spectra/sec at 1×128 binning (US patent 7157720).
  • HCR™ fiber optic stack allowing high MTF/high DQE imaging and spectroscopy.
  • Integrated and computer controlled STEM detector matched to the 5mm spectroscopy aperture for efficient STEM-EELS spectrum imaging.

Electron Optics

  • Magnetic prism optimized for 60 – 300 kV operation.
  • Dodecapole-based electron optics allows aberration correction up to 5th order in both imaging and spectroscopy modes of operation.
  • Excellent isochromaticity over the entire EFTEM field-of-view: max variation no more than ±1 eV at 200 kV.
  • 0.75% maximum image distortion.
  • 49 hole prism alignment mask enabling extensions to Gatan’s auto tuning software
    (US patent 5798524 & 6184524).

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