SOM 4000 – Semicaps


Applications of SOM

    • Frontside & Backside photon emission for leakage & junction damage
    • Frontside & Backside laser stimulation for hot spots & carrier activity
    • High resolution confocal microscopy for die cracks, chip out or other anomalies

SOM 4000 – Semicaps - Nanolab Technologies 


Global uses of SOM 4000 include failure analysis, yield enhancement, ESD/latch-up failures, problem solving, design debug, and qualification failures.

Strengths and Advantages of SOM 4000:

    • 300 mm wafer analysis
    • InGaAs detector
    • High resolution confocal laser microscopy
    • Thermal and Carrier laser stimulation
    • Analytical probing
    • Low cost setup for backside analysis

Advanced Analyses:

    • Pulsed laser analysis without lock-in
    • Tester docked analysis with Soft Defect Localization (SDL)

Applications of SOM - Nanolab Technologies 


SOM 4000 – Semicaps 


SOM 4000 – Semicaps -- by Nanolab Technologies 
Photon Emission
(using InGaAs detector)


Photon Emission (using InGaAs detector) - Nanolab Technologies 


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