Service Request

Sample Submission Guideline

Label Samples – sample name or #, date, your name

  • Before submitting a sample, it might be useful to briefly review the  “Client-Analyst” Discussion which will help us to do our best for you.
  • Please label the container of each sample, indicating the sample name or number and identifying what location to analyze, or include a drawing or photos
  • Submit a Service Request Form with the sample(s) that describes the work you want done and references a quote or work estimate (if available).  You may submit a copy of our e-mail correspondence, or any handwritten notes made while talking with one of our analysts.

Sample Preparation and Packaging

  • Handle all samples with tweezers if possible.  Never touch the surface to be analyzed with bare fingers. If you do, be sure to tell us.  We might be able to clean away the oils and salts.
  • We recommend never touch samples with gloves as this may contaminate the surface with silicone oil, elastomers in the glove, hydrocarbons or salts.  If necessary, then handle sample by its’ edges only.
  • Pack samples so that they will not break in transit and nothing touches the surface to be analyzed.  Wrap sample inside clean kitchen foil if the sample is large.  Try not to use plastic bags or anti-static bags as these sometimes have coatings that transfer to the surface of the sample.
  • Try NOT to secure samples with tape, because glues in the tape can spread over the entire sample surface, and the sample can break if held too tightly. If tape must be used, the use the smallest size.

Free Local Sample Pick-up

Within the area surrounding Milpitas, California, we provide free sample pickup and return. To schedule a free local pickup, please indicate it when submitting a service request form using the links above.

Long Distance Delivery

  • Send samples by express courier (eg Fedex, UPS, DHL) to Nanolab Technologies in California at 1708 McCarthy Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035.  If you are not sure, call us at 1-408-433-3320.
  • Nanolab accepts sample deliveries from 8:30am-5.30pm local time, Monday-Friday.

International Shipment

  • Please use UPS or FedEx, as other carriers might cause delays.
  • Include a commercial invoice  for customs (required).
  • Describe the shipment as a “Silicon Wafer for Analysis”.  You can also use “Semiconductor Samples for Analysis”, if you prefer.
  • Do NOT claim a value of over $100 on the commercial invoice. When the value is high, customs inspects the package.  If possible write “no commercial value.”.

Use either of  the following tariff or harmonized codes:

  • 381800 for semiconductor samples and silicon wafers
  • 854150 for ion-implanted silicon wafers

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