Thin Film Characterization

Thin Film Characterization is a routine application at Nanolab Technologies. As a leader in materials analysis, Nanolab has helped hundreds of high-technology companies in their R&D and development efforts. Improving quality, performance, and trouble shooting is how Nanolab develops new and innovative ways to help clients reach their objectives.

Films Analyzed

Semiconductor Films

    • Silicon, thermal silicon oxides, silicon nitride, and silicon oxynitride
    • SiOC, SiOCN
    • Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of metal oxides
    • SiGe, GaAs, TiW, NiCr, FeCr, III-V and II-VI films
    • Others

Photovoltaic and Solar Films

    • Silicon films (single, polysilicon, and ribbon)
    • CIG, CdS, Indium (In) and CIGS
    • Mo, Cu, and other back contacts
    • Others


    • Depth profiling, line scan and XY mapping
    • Elemental analysis
    • Surface chemical analysis
    • Non-destructive profiling by XPS (1-12 nm)
    • Contamination analysis

Analytical Techniques


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