Wafer Testing



Nanolab Technologies provides a range of analytical services for wafers that are the base substrates used to develop semiconductor, optical, medical, LED and PV devices. Our experience includes depth profiling of substrates such as SOI,  epi structures and graded layers.

Nanolab provides surface sensitive techniques for front end of line (FEOL) processing, wafer cleanliness and surface evaluation – both are key to high production yields.

Wafer Testing at Nanolab Technologies 


Wafer Types

    • Production wafers
    • As deposited
    • Thermal annealed
    • Ion implanted
    • Plasma treated

Analyses Provided

    • Defect
    • Particle
    • Trace metal
    • Dopant


    • Surface profiles of thin film and thick coatings
    • Dopant profiling by SIMS
    • Metrology of semiconductor devices, LED’s and PV thin films
    • Coatings on glass and metal substrates
    • Quality control

Techniques Used

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