Wall Charts

Service Information Charts 


 “Service Information Charts are designed to provide information about the service capabilities of the various analytical tools and preparation equipment that Nanolab offers. Each chart is 11×17 inch in size and are available in hard copy on request.




The wall chart below is a visual guide that describes the capabilities and limits of many chemical analysis tools used to analyze the chemistry of solids.  The 3D image in the center represents a multi-layered sample that has a variety of defects and features.  Be sure to read the two Legends at the top left and top right of this chart.

Locate the feature or problem that exists with your sample and follow the arrow  to select an initial analysis service.  Additional analysis tools may be needed to confirm or further understand any feature-problem.


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Feature-Problem Analysis Tools 

Request an 11×17″ Cardstock Copy of the Nanolab  F-P-A-T Wall Chart or Service Information charts.

If you’d like to receive an 11×17 inch (A3 size) copy of this Visual Guide or any chart printed on cardstock paper, please fill out the form below, and we will mail a copy to your office at no cost within the USA, or if international, please pay postage.

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