Wet Chemistry-Depackage


Controlled etching using acidic or basic solutions

Acids, bases, organic solvents and heat are used to remove die from packages, clean parts, expose Si on ICs, decorations for cross sections…

Decap System By Nanolab 



    • Yield Enhancement
    • Dendrite Growth Debug
    • Package Design Debug
    • Problem Solving
    • Qualification Failure
    • Failure Analysis
    • Reverse Engineering


    • Localizing shorts
    • Localizing opens
    • Measuring layout features
    • Die removal from PCB
    • Preparation for TDR
    • Preperation for 2D/3D X-ray
      or Acoustic Imaging


    • Quickly visualize die side or package opens
      and shorts
    • Check for opens and shorts at each layer
      during deprocessing
    • Package layout verification
    • Spacing rules in package open to view
    • Dendrite growths can be found
    • Halos between traces are obvious
    • Good unit can be a TDR reference sample

De-processing In A Nano-Nutshell - Nanolab Technologies 


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