XD-7600NT – Dage

Applications of 2D & 3D X-Ray Imaging:

    • Non-destructively image internal circuits, devices and components
    • Image cracks, defects, wrong connections

Dage XD-7600NT - Nanolab Technologies 


The Dage XD-7600NT provides the highest resolution and largest X-ray images for failure analysis with oblique angles up to 70°, displayed at full 2 Mpixel resolution on-screen.


    • Excellent On-Screen Image Quality
    • Down to < 0.1μm (100nm) Feature Recognition
    • Able to See the Smallest Features at High Power
    • Nordson DAGE Digital Image Intensifier or Long
    • Lifetime Digital Flat Panel Detector
    • 1.3, 2 or 3 Mpixel Image Size
    • 16-bit (65,000+) Grayscale Operation
    • 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580 mm) Maximum Board Size
    • Highest Oblique Views without Loss of
    • Magnification
    • Systems that are Simple, Joystick-Free and Easy
    • to Use and Program
    • Nordson DAGE Image Wizard Software with
    • Robust Automated Inspection Routines
    • Automated Component Fault Analysis


Computerized Tomography (CT)

Computerized Tomography 


The Nordson DAGE µCT inspection option provides Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality to compliment the 2D X-ray investigations on Nordson DAGE X-ray inspection systems

The Nordson DAGE µCT inspection system provides Computerised Tomography (CT) functionality that compliments the 2D X-ray investigations on Nordson DAGE X-ray inspection systems. It uses the superior, sub-micron feature recognition 2D x-ray images, that Nordson DAGE x-ray systems provide, to produce CT models for 3D sample analysis, virtual micro-sectioning and internal dimensional measurements. 3D Tomography greatly reduces or eleminates the number of time-consuming micro-section analyses needed and / or assists in identifying where micro-section preparation and investigation must concentrate.

    • Simple CT scanning and visualisation software
    • Maximum sample size 150 x 135 mm
    • Maximum inspection area ~ 44 x 34 mm (II)
    • Maximum inspection area ~ 60 x 45 mm (FP)
    • Full and sub-volume reconstructions using Feldkamp cone beam reconstruction
    • Measurement functions
    • Precision sample rotation stage


* Rapid Switching Between 2D and 3D Analysis
* Use with Image Intensifier or Flat Panel Detector
* Very Fast CT Model Reconstruction on
* Dedicated High Specification PC + GPU
* 5123, 10243 and 20483 Models Available
* Provides Virtual Micro-Sections for Analysis
* ‘QuickView’ CT for Fastest CT Model Acquisition

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