Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy

Eurofins Nanolab Technologies offers its customers Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy (Cryo-TEM) services.  Whether you are seeking to speed time-to-market, solve manufacturing problems or ensure regulatory compliance turn to Eurofins. We know how to bring the power of science to every phase of your product lifecycle.

Cryo-TEM uses Transmission Electron Microscopy that images using an electron beam whilst keeping the sample at temperature around -170°C (or 103 K)

The technique reduces the amount of heat introduced  into the sample by the electron beam and reduces damage of sensitive materials. This  allows for analysis of soft matter in its near natural state in an aqueous dispersion and also for imaging of sensitive materials. It can also analyze thin, frozen slices of suspensions, allowing for morphology studies of particles in their dispersed state.

Cryo-TEM is very useful for checking colloidal dispersions of liposomes, polymersomes, emulsions, and low-temperature crystal phase studies.

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